We Deliver Results From ANY chip Timing System Directly To Your Athletes Phones.


One Less Thing To Worry About Printing Out On Race Day? Maps... Any Map, on Your Athletes Phones


Parking an Issue? Don't Let It Be. Deliver Up-To-Date Race Info To You Athletes.

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bibs | We Sponsor Top Races!

WildFlower Triathlon- 2nd Largest Tri in the U.S.

Hood to Coast – The Mother of All Relays

Bibs works with some of the top races in the States. We’ve been listening to what Athletes, Directors, and Timers are looking for in an app and programming it into Bibs as fast as possible. We recently rebuilt our entire database and released a whole NEW bibs! Download it and see for yourself !   :)


So, Bibs, whats that all about?!

We are building a tool for the racing community. A race results app for Android/iPhone. There are quite a few race results apps, most proprietary and or including erroneous fees, missing the point of a useful app. We want less work for Timers and Directors and an experience for the Athletes and Spectators. What do you want in your app?  Tell Us! Or, join our Beta Projects!


Search By Name or Bib…

Our first goal is to deliver race results directly to phones, fast! No more waiting around, crowding around TV’s, or tacky websites with QR codes. Seriously, when was the last time you used a QR code?! All an Athlete or Spectator has to do is pull out their phone, enter a bib number or name, and get results!


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We train hard for events and we like sharing our race results. At Bibs, we want to help you share your results! Share your times with the world via Facebook, Email, or Text Message. With one tap, friends and families are able to join in the event; Event Directors receive recognition through multiple networks.

What Do The Pro's Have To Say About bibs?

"Before I Had Bibs, I Was Lost..."


"This App Saved Me From A Shark!"


"Bibs finished the race for me!"